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Taking Aim at Ted & his Democratic Values

Reported by Deborah - January 12, 2005

Ted Kennedy is a one of Hannity's favorite targets. Throughout the 2004 campaign,one of Hannity's favorite lines was "Ted Kennedy screeching and screaming calling the President a liar."Today, Ted Kennedy spoke up giving constructive suggestions for the Democrat's message with one critical comment about the handling of Iraq.Laura Ingraham and Hannity lacking the basis of a sound debate stooped to personal attack and downright lies. Even so, they still came out of it looking bad.

Ingraham had a Coulter type remark ready for her opening but Colmes ruined her delivery. It had something to do with Gonzales, water torture and Chappaquidick and was somewhere bewteen bad taste and shock jock sleaze.Later in the segment, Hannity brought it up again asking Democrat, Bob Mann why it wasn't fair to bring up Chappaquidick claiming that Kennedy has no moral authority.

Bob Mann did an excellent job standing up to Hannity and Ingraham. Mann stated that he taught in an African American University in Texas adding the students work 3 jobs and many of their parents are stuck in dead end minumum wage jobs. One of Kennedy's plans today was to raise the minimum wage and return to the core values of the Democratic party which put people first. Ingraham noted that raising the minimum wage and increased government spending on social programs lost the Democrat's elections. Ingraham acted as if caring about the hard life of a minimum wage earner was outrageous and not what America wanted.Trying to create the illusion of majority support for Republicans, Ingraham said, " We all know what happened with terrorism under Bill Clinton."

Comment: Hannity and Ingraham sounded pretty defensive about the social consciousness issue. The middle class is suffering profoundly and fears of terrorists, gays, abortions, sex, and minorities can not change that reality.Even the most hardcore Fox devotees are going to start waking up to the fact that they can't pay their rising bills and still eat. There have been several stories in my local paper about middle class families eating at food banks a couple times a week because wages are far below the rising cost of living.There aren't enough minimum wage hours in a day to make enough to live independantly.The Republicans know very soon red and blue voters will resent that their taxes were taken away from their safety nets in order to pay for an unjust war and Halliburton contracts. Republicans and Fox are going to need some hefty manipulation this time to keep people from this epiphany. In four years, at this rate a huge number of hard working people will depend on some sort of government program to stay afloat and on my teacher's salary, I'll be one of them.

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