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Rewind 2004

Reported by Deborah - December 26, 2004

Rewind 2004 was a Fox Special tonight moderated by ED Hill covering the top 10 stories of the year according to Fox.The story choices and the interpretations were no surprise.
12/26/04 9PM

Here's a list of Fox's top stories for 2004.
1 Election 2004- Campaign Carl gave a quick rundown of the election highlights making sure to include all the negative campaign ploys that hurt Kerry and one clip showed Kerry uttering the word lesbian not only out of context but without a sentence.As always, nothing negative was said about Bush and the tone was full of humor as if all that nasty business happened ages ago.

2 War in Iraq This was definitely fluffed and mellowed for the occasion. The increased fighting, although mentioned, was portrayed as just a necessary part of the great gains made in Iraq like open schools and liberated Iraqis.The great loss of life and increased suffering of Iraqis, soldiers and soldier's families was not touched. Abu Ghraib which deserved to be one of the stories of the year was quickly mentioned and Hill claimed that Bush apologized for the torture. In truth, all Bush said was he was sorry that prisoners had been humiliated without taking any responsibility.

3 Oil For Food This story got the most attention because Fox is not finished with this one. It's going to hang around like the Swift Boat Vets who also got not attention tonight

4 Russian School Attack

5 Ronald Reagan's Death

6 9/11 Comission

7 Madrid Bombing ED Hill got a chance to say,
"On 911 days after 9/11 on 3/11..." According to Hill, Aznar was an extremely popular leader who would have been elected if the bombing had not taken place. Of course, this is what we heard over and over on Fox but it sure wasn't what I read elsewhere on that subject.

8 Arafat's Death

9 Wicked Weather No mention of global warming links to hurricaine activity. Of course that would make people thing about the Kyoto Protocol and Treaty that was ratified this year by every country but the USA even though we're the worse polluters.

10 Martha Stewart and Scott Peterson

So what do you think about these choices? What stories would you add?
There sure were quite a few purposely ignored too.

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