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John McCain says Oil-for-food might justify invading Iraq

Reported by Chrish - December 6, 2004 -

Answering Chris Wallace's query "Should Kofi Annan step down?" on Fox News Sunday 12/5, John McCain, who says the issue "stinks to high heaven" said billions and billions of dollars were diverted for wrong purposes and the program is an example of corruption. I wasn't paying close attention at first and thought he was talking about Halliburton, but

he went on to say that "It's (the Oil-for-food program) an argument, maybe a small one, but maybe an argument that justifies our actions in Iraq; clearly the sanctions and framework of sanctions was eroded."

Comment: no comment, it speaks for itself. OK, one comment; a careful journalist would have prefaced the question with "in your opinion", but hey, this is Fox.