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Fox News Can't Let Go of The Swift Boat Veterans

Reported by Melanie - November 10, 2004 -

Your World w/Neil Cavuto today (November 10, 2004) portrayed a world aglow with optimism. Terry Keenan, substituting for Neil Cavuto, lead the audience through an hour of mostly upbeat news about the "stunning victory" in Fallujah, "five years of productivity" and "low interest rates," a lowering of terror alerts at east coast financial centers, a new development being planned in Las Vegas and the upcoming holiday season when people will spend a lot of money because everyone's in the mood to celebrate!

The thing that brought me out of the fantasy was an advertisement for tonight's Hannity & Colmes. Here's how it went:

"Tonight at nine. The Swift Boat controversy. What impact did the ads have on Kerry's campaign? And, are there more shocking details ready to surface? Swift Boat vet John O'Neill speaks out on Hannity & Colmes."

COMMENT: Can you believe this? Aren't we at the enough already! point with the Swift Boaters yet? Fox News took maybe three hours off after November 2, but it's running toward the 2006/08 elections now as it continues it's hateful assault on at least half of the citizens of this country.