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Al QaQaa Missing Explosives Spin Ver. 4.1

Reported by Chrish - October 29, 2004 -

Brit and Bret continue to diminish the importance and reality of the explosives missing from Iraq's Al QaQaa storage facility for the fourth day in a row (10/28) on Special Report.

At the top of the hour Brit's teaser for the segment was "Both candidates hammer away on those allegedly missing explosives as officials cite further evidence that the material had been moved before US troops arrived". (During this teaser there was an inset video of Kerry campaigning with the caption "Al QaQaa Kaboom", which indicates the issue is supposedly blowing up on Kerry.) Introducing Campaign Carl Cameron's daily unflattering coverage of Senator Kerry, Brit said "While the Pentagon and the news media continue investigating those reports of several hundred thousand allegedly missing explosives in Iraq, Democrat John Kerry continues to blame the president for the apparent disappearance."

Minutes later, Brit reported "Pentagon officials have now declassified satellite, one satellite photo of that weapon storage facility in Iraq which once held those explosives now said to be missing.." and introduced Bret Baier, who walked us through the still photo, allegedly of Al QaQaa, allegedly taken two days before the invasion, with two trucks parked in front of it, which showed "vehicle activity". (Actually, those last two allegedlys are mine - Bret stated it as fact. Dr. David Kay, former Chief Weapons Inspector in Iraq, said on CNN that the snapshot meant nothing. He and others learned their lesson from Colin Powell's embarrassing testimony in front of the UN Security Council in early 2003. Apparently, Fox did not.)
Donald Rumsfeld was then channeled from an appearance on WPHT Radio, saying "Picture the tractor trailers, and forklifts, and Caterpillars it would take to move 377 tons , and we had total control of the air. We would have seen anything like that, and it's very likely that just as the United States would do, Saddam Hussein moved the munitions when he knew the war was coming." Dr. David Kay, on CNN, told the reporter (didn't catch the name) to "picture ants" when thinking of Iraqi looting, which he said is still going on today. Dr. Kay said he saw one looter at a nuclear facility using a donkey cart. The point is, it didn't have to be a big, obvious, orderly moving day...it was more likely a steady stream of small loads being removed. What has not been made clear at all on Fox is the size of this compound. Dr. Kay informed us it is roughly the size of Manhattan. It would be nearly impossible to monitor a perimeter that large without huge numbers of troops and sophisticated surveillance equipment.
Also not seen yet on Fox is reference to an embedded television crew's footage of the facility, taken April 18, 2003, which is linked from www.truthout.org . If the containers marked "expolsive" in the video are the missing munitions, the Bush administration has some 'splainin' to do.

Comment: The spin of the day was to further discredit the story by insinuating that Saddam moved them, without our noticing, right before the invasion. So to review:
Day 1: Diminish importance (380:400,000)
Day 2: Question motives of IAEA and NYTimes
Day 3: Repeat 1 and 2; question existence of weapons at location to begin with
Day 4: Reinforce doubt of weapons' existence at the location, claim Saddam moved them, (where?), mock Kerry for believing NYTimes and IAEA and not the Bush gang. Obfuscate, smear, deny, stall.
Unfortunately we're going into the weekend and there's no news done on the weekend in America, and by Monday we'll be bombing the sh*t out of Fallujah.