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More on Celebrity Endorsements

Reported by Marie Therese - October 28, 2004 -

As Melanie and Ellen have already noted, FOX News seems to be trying very hard to discredit the huge number of celebrity endorsements given to the Kerry/Edwards ticket. The Pere Partnership, a New York-based ad agency, conducted the poll (as outlined in Melanie's original post) is the source of most of the statistics being bandied about on the various FOX shows. Being the curious type, I googled The Pere Partnership and its President, Glenn Pere, and to my surprise found very little, especially for an agency that Bill O'Reilly says "specializes in entertainment marketing." My News Hounds brain began to hum, wondering how such a low-profile agency could garner such a huge amount of publicity for a one-time story.

A call this morning (October 27) to the New York offices of Pere Partnership netted me the following information. Their website is "under construction" according to the receptionist and they are "privately held" according to an unnamed gentlemen I spoke with. I requested a copy of the company history and the board of directors, explaining that I was working on a blog entry and always liked to be accurate about anyone I mentioned. He promised to e-mail the information to me. That was before 12 Noon ET. It's now 6:50 PM ET and it has not arrived.

From the internet, I learned the following about The Pere Partnership:

The online resume of a graphic artist states that this he had "worked as graphic designer at The Pere Partnership, where he oversaw the creation and execution of major campaigns for HBO and Fox."

Another online news item states:

"The Pere Partnership in New York has named Brett Wingate senior vice president, creative director. In this newly created position, Wingate will report directly to president Glenn Pere. Previously, Wingate was creative director at Bigfoot Interactive, where his accounts included Calvin Klein fragrances, MCI WorldCom, Alitalia, Disney and AT&T Wireless, and creative director at Saatchi & Saatchi, where he developed television and print campaigns for Olay Complete, Beauty Mascara and Total Effects."

There is another entry for a Glenn Pere who lives in Texas, but I assume these are not the same person, since the Texas resident is a licensed physical therapist working for a company called the Institute for Athletic Performance.

Today's Big Story with John Gibson once again dealt with the topic of celebrity endorsements, but with a different guest.