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Not Even A Pretense of Objectivity

Reported by Ellen - October 27, 2004 -

A video report on FOXNews.com called Dairy Country, has this headline: "Bush campaigns in Wisconsin, REMINDING voters that economy is improving." Not even a "many experts agree" or "some say." It's apparently a done deal. But not so fast.

In the actual report by Jim Angle, he says, "the economy THERE is improving." There is a difference, though neither claim is substantiated. Angle also says, that George Bush noted that "millions of jobs have been created in the last few months." No word of all the jobs lost until he reports on Kerry who "emphasizes the net number of jobs lost - about 800,000."

Comment: This makes it sound as if the net loss of jobs is only relevant to the campaign, rather than to the truth of Bush's claim. It seems that as the election draws nearer and Bush's win is not certain, FOX is doing all it can to get out the vote for Bush.