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Rehabilitating an anti-Semite?

Reported by Nancy - October 21, 2004 -

On FNL this morning (10/21), they're still nattering on about THKerry v LBush. Yes, they showed the clip of Fidel Castro falling approximately a gazillion times. Yes, there were the obligatory violence videoclips (twister in Florida, typhoon in Japan, explosion in a coal mine near Beijing). They also indulged in some royal-bashing, calling Prince Harry "Dirty Harry" for his dust-up with a photographer that they oh-so-cleverly called a "Royal Rhubarb". But ...

... amidst all that distraction, they're still trying desperately to spin the election. This morning, for example, Steve Brown's report from the Kerry campaign at 10:59am (EDT) was long on style (mentioned the Red Sox win over the Yankees, said that Kerry went hunting this morning) & short on substance -- except where GOP points of view were concerned. After Brown mentioned that Kerry would be speaking later today about health care issues & would focus on stem cell research, accompanied by Dana Reeve (widow of Christopher), Brown made sure to note that there is a difference of opinion about when life begins, & included a statement from Senator Bill Frist (R-TN) saying he's afraid people are putting too much hope on this. But ...

immediately following this, James Rosen reported from the Bush campaign. Rosen mentioned how often Bush has visited PA, showed a clip of Bush from yesterday, & said that Bush will speak later today also on health care issues, highlighting health savings accounts, tort reform & flu shots. Unlike Brown, Rosen -- for some unknown reason -- didn't feel obliged to "balance" this by citing any Dem senator or any other opposing viewpoint. But ...

(here's the good part, showing the depths to which they'll sink:)

... at 11:12am (EDT) Brigitte Quinn interviewed Bob Beckel (an alleged Dem "strategist" who is a FNL fave) & Fred Malek (whom Quinn introduced as having worked for GHWBush). Forget the content of this "interview" -- it was the usual, with Quinn's questions designed to imply that Kerry flip-flops, can't focus, has no message, is trying to help himself with photo ops, but it may be too "late in the game". Beckel of course was ineffective, Malek was folksy & charming.

Focus on Malek: Malek is best known in political circles for resigning in 1988 as GHWBush's hand-picked deputy chair for the RNC after the WaPo's Walter Pincus & Bob Woodward reported that 17 years earlier, Malek had, at Richard Nixon's request, counted the number of Jews then working for the Bureau of Labor Statistics. He was Deputy Director of the Committee to Re-Elect the President ("CREEP") in 1972; He was also one of the financial backers who purchased the Texas Rangers baseball franchise & put GWBush in charge. He's also a member of (among many other things) the Carlyle Group (for more info, see http://www.nndb.com/people/852/000047711/ or http://slate.msn.com/id/2058486/ or http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/CarolASThompson/Malek.htm or the excellent mini-bio in Mother Jones, at http://www.motherjones.com/news/special_reports/coinop_congress/96mojo_400/malek.html).

Comment: This is the kind of "commentator" FNL routinely invites, & routinely presents to its viewers simply as having "worked for GHWBush" or some other inane phrase which -- while true -- doesn't begin to disclose the deep, partisan bias they bring with them. Sorry, Fox, but those are half-truths & sins of omission.

Question: Perhaps sports fans can help me out here? I don't normally follow sports coverage, but it seemed to me that FNL was focused more on how disappointed Yankees fans were than on how elated Red Sox fans were after last night's Sox win. Is this typical with sports coverage? Or are they trying pre-emptively to deflect all the inevitable Sox/Astros = Kerry/Bush analyses?