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FOX Keeps Yelling "Voter Fraud," Stays Silent on Voter Suppression

Reported by Ellen - October 20, 2004 -

You can't turn on FOX these days without hearing about the dangers of "voter fraud." FOX News TV, radio and the website are all teeming with the news about how our upcoming election may be rife with fraud and cheating.

Tonight, on FOX News Live with Alan Colmes, reporter Dan Springer kept the drumbeat of fraud-warnings going when he discussed with Alan the dangers of early voting and the forged signatures from a Pennsylvania nursing home. Yet despite several stories that have come out about voter supporession, FOX is strangely silent on that aspect of the issue.

For example, Christopher Edley Jr., dean of Boalt Hall, the law school at the University of California, Berkeley, and a member of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, wrote in the October 10, 2004 issue of Newsday that a Texas district attorney "threatened to prosecute students at historically black Prairie View A&M University if they tried to vote locally, even though this is permitted by a 1979 Supreme Court case."

Later in the same article, Edley says, "Across the nation, abuses far more common include poll workers who fabricate illegal requirements for identification, refuse to provide translation assistance or refuse to allow persons with disabilities the accommodations supposedly guaranteed by law."

Similarly, The Washington Post, on October 6, 2004 wrote that, "While U.S. troops are fighting and dying to bring the vote to Samarra, their families may be struggling to hang on to the franchise here at home. Our force in Iraq is a fair cross-section of working-class America, with a heavy representation of African Americans and Latinos. And even as those soldiers are strapping on their body armor to bring the vote to Sadr City, back home -- in Florida, Ohio, New Mexico and other battleground states -- Republican election officials are working to reduce the number of black and Latino voters."

Has anyone heard a peep about those problems on FOX? I haven't. But I have heard about the Pennsylvania nursing home forgery three times.

Update: I just read Deborah's post, right before mine, which wasn't there when I started writing this one. I guess there has been at least one peep about voter suppression. Good for you, Alan Colmes, if we have you to thank for it. Otherwise, I think the network - including Alan Colmes' radio show - has been peepless about that topic, except for mentioning that it's the "Democratic argument."

And while we're on the topic of peeplessness, has anyone heard anything about problems with touch-screen voting machines on FOX? I have not.