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FOXNews.com: One Look Says It All

Reported by Ellen - October 7, 2004 -

Just a glance at the opening page of FOXNews.com reveals that FOX is more interested in getting Bush re-elected than it is in Real Journalism, Fair and Balanced. How else to explain the large box dominating the eye-catching top left-side of the page, saying "Bush: WMD Report Justifies Iraq War" in larger letters than the story next to it, about hotel-bombings in Baghdad? There is no mention that the "WMD Report" is actually a report that THERE WERE NO WMD's. This very important, IF NOT THE MOST IMPORTANT, fact is conveniently omitted from any of the headlines.

Underneath the Bush headlines are the following subheadings:

-"President defends use of force"
- 'Duelfer study shows Saddam was 'systematically gaming the system'
- Related Stories: "U.N. Offical Implicated in Iraq Scam"
"CIA Details Oil-for-Food Scam"
- Video "Bush: Saddam 'Gaming the System'"

Comment: Where's the news about NO WMD'S, THE PURPORTED REASON FOR GOING TO WAR AGAINST IRAQ??? Not relevant? Or just not desirable 24 hours before Bush's next "do-or-die" debate?

Update: The FOXNews.com website changed its layout a few hours after this post was made.