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Ann Coulter: New Queen of Mean

Reported by Judy - October 6, 2004 -

When it comes to being mean, Leona Helmsley could have learned plenty from Ann Coulter, the skinny blonde mean queen of the radical right.

Ostensibly, Coulter appeared on Fox and Friends today (Oct. 6) to promote her book, How to Talk to a Liberal, but she also discussed last night's vice presidential debate. As she usually does, Coulter displayed how being nasty is her only stock-in-trade.

She said the only thing she learned from the debate was "vote for Kerry-Edwards because Edwards' old man used to learn math on TV." Coulter ridiculed Edwards' attempt to connect with voters through personal anecdotes and called him a "snake-oil salesman." She also said Edwards could not sound tough when he spoke with his "girlie voice" and gestured with his "girlie hands."

Coulter herself said nothing of substance about the debate. Her analysis would put people to sleep if she didn't wrap it in caustic and cutting commentary. For me, her style wears thin pretty fast, but it's perfect for the radical right, where the medium is the message. They talk mean and govern meaner.