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What's Up With the Porn Stars?

Reported by Ellen - September 30, 2004 -

Tonight was the third porn star I have heard on Fox News Live with Alan Colmes. Considering that I have been following his show for about three and a half months, that's about one per month.

Tonight's guest was Mary Carey who also ran for governor of California against Arnold Schwarzenegger. When one caller objected to having Carey on the air, Alan defended her by saying she was a legitimate candidate for governor of California.

Right. That must be why Alan asked such questions as, "Are you loose sexually?" "What are you like on a date? Would you make out with a guy?" "How many men have you actually had sex with?"

I might have begun wondering about Alan, especially when Mary asked if he would be interested in a threesome with his wife (which he turned down) were it not for the fact that the other News Hounds have reported a similar spate of porn stars on other FOX programs.

What's up with this?