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Pre Debate Spin

Reported by Deborah - September 26, 2004 -

Gregg Jarrett and a PR person, discussed the upcoming debate on Thursday on Fox News Live, 3:47 PM. A few minutes later, a representative from the Bush Campaign joined Jarrett to discuss the same subject. Guess who came out looking good? 9/26/04

Jarrett read a quote about Kerry's appearance.
"Mr Kerry's anvil like chin conveys power but his drooping eyes are signs of age. He must smile more."
A comment was made that they "don't want to come across angry." George Bush scores high in likability. There was no quote read about Bush's facial features.

Then they talking about verbal abilities. "Mr Bush mangles words but Kerry rambles. It's difficult for Kerry because he has advisors, reads alot and that makes it hard for him to boil his positions down." The conclusion was that Bush has the advantage.

Bush won on body language too. "The President uses heartfelt gestures. Kerry is conscious that he needs to loosen up."

Then Jarrett brought up the Nixon debates and his problem with sweating.
"John Kerry is known to sweat." Jarrett revealed that the Kerry Campaign tried to get the temperature kept under 70 degrees. "The Bush people were gleeful that they won out," Jarrett said smiling.

At 4PM, a Bush representative appeared to discuss the debate. When the segment ended Jarrett said,
" In the interest of being fair and balanced, we wanted to have a representative from the Kerry campaign to give their take on the debate but unfortunatly they could not make anyone available. We just wanted to make that known."

comment: It didn't look like there was anyone on either segment representing Kerry. I was not able to get the name of the PR person in the segment at 3:47PM. The name was mentioned quickly but usually the guest is tagged while they speak. If this guest was tagged, I must have missed it. Concerning the 4PM segment, if they were really concerned about being fair and balanced, they could have waited before airing the one sided viewpoint.

The general impression the viewer recieved was that Kerry has image problems while Bush is charming and lovable. They even made Kerry's intellect look like a handicap.