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Wal-Mart: The Latest FOX Bias

Reported by Ellen - September 24, 2004 -

Poor Wal-Mart. It has the lowest prices in town, it's loved by those who shop there but seemingly hated by everyone else, particularly those evil grocery unions. Thank God Wal-Mart has FOX News to stick up for it!

In a report called Wal-Mart Fight Pits Unions Against Value Lovers, FOXNews.com presents the latest in its biased reporting.

Get out your hankies now. Wal-Mart is "tired of being battered, blistered and beaten up in the California media" and has announced it's "fighting back." The retail chain bought full-page ads in major newspapers to "counter critics who claim the stores' low wages and poor health insurance actually costs state taxpayers $86 million a year in medical and welfare payments.

"'Our critics say we pay minimum wages with no benefits. That is absolutely not true. We pay competitive wages,' said Cynthia Lin of Wal-Mart."

There's a longer video report on this tragic case of "false accusation" but I can't open it. Note to FOX News (We know you're out there), why don't you fix your website already?

Comment: I live in a town that has battled Wal-Mart twice (so far) from opening up a super Wal-Mart and it's more than just a union issue. There's the issue of driving out other small businesses so that there's only one place in town to purchase hardware, electronics, business supplies, prescription drugs, etc. When that happens, if Wal-Mart doesn't carry the brand you want, the size you want, etc. you are out of luck. Driving out small businesses affects employment opportunities and changes the character of a town. My town has refused to grant Wal-Mart the zoning variance it wants twice, yet this chain keeps trying to figure out a way to work its plan anyway. Its latest threat in my area is to go outside the town limits and deal with the more lenient county government. Very community-minded, eh?

Only on FOX could Wal-Mart be portrayed as an underdog.