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Trashing of Rather Continues

Reported by Eleanor - September 24, 2004 -

On The Big Story, John Gibson (Sept.23, 5:00 p.m.) interviewed Trent Lott and Gregory Meeks about Iraq. Gibson allowed Lott to express his opinion, but he interrupted Meeks, the liberal, at least three times before ending the interview. This was supposed to be a "fair and balanced" discussion - and as expected, the CBS memo story continued.

Michele Malkin and Ellis Hennian discussed the CBS memo with a focus on how the Internet is handling the story. Terms like "the media elite, snob journalists, grandiose news anchors, arrogance, hubris, Rathergate, end of the time of big anchors," along with other demeaning terms like "downfall of old elite media" and "Is the network heading for a fall?" were used to describe CBS and Dan Rather.

Comment: And the attempt to destroy Dan Rather and CBS goes on.