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Fox Fiddles With The News While The US Could Burn

Reported by Ellen - September 18, 2004 -

The latest pet Fox promo is for an upcoming special called "Breaking Point." It's about that perennially favorite Fox topic, the U.N. Oil-for-Food Program. Now there's an extra-rich layer of icing on the cake: the "revelation" of a possible link to Al Qaeda thrown into the mix. The key word is "possible."

There's no proof. The article on FOXNews.com states, "Clues can be seen that underscore the possibility (my emphasis) of just such a Sadam-Al Qaeda link" and "there is no public information available about the precise flow of funds."

This speculation becomes suspect when Fox reiterates that favorite RNC dictum that "the September 11 Commission has shown a tracery of contacts between Saddam and Al Qaeda" (contacts, yes, but the Commission really found no significant links, an inconvenient fact the Bushies, and now Fox, prefer to obscure).

Essentially, the UN Oil-For-Food/Saddam/Al Qaeda "link" seems to come down to the fact that Saddam did oil-for-food business with companies with personnel tied to another company that the US government says has served as "a hub" of Al Qaeda finances.

So while Eric Shawn crowed about "Breaking Point" on Fox News Live with Alan Colmes Friday night, he was really hyping a story short on hard evidence, long on innuendo and even longer on Bush cheerleading (Yes, Virginia, Saddam WAS a threat and the UN was in cahoots with him).

Meanwhile, Fox continues to largely ignore the story that could really impact the war on terror: The compelling evidence cited by Florida Senator Bob Graham of the connection between the Saudi government and the 9/11 hijackers and the efforts by the Bush administration to censor that information.

That speaks volumes about Fox's priorities.