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"Old Faithful" Laura

Reported by Judy - September 17, 2004 -

Fox and Friends today (Sept. 17) extended its one-sided coverage of the presidential race between George Bush and Sen. John Kerry to their spouses.

Fox and Friends co-hosts interviewed Devin Friedman, who interviewed Laura Bush for an article in the latest issue of GQ. Friedman said Mrs. Bush was guarded in her answers. For example, he said she would not directly answer the question concerning what she and her husband last argued about. He said on TV, Mrs. Bush could seem "a little plastic" but in person she does connect with people,

Surprisingly, Mrs. Bush likes an occasional margareta and cigarette, he said. Friedman said his sense is that people like Mrs. Bush but are not passionate about her.

Throughout the interview, the co-hosts made a couple attempts to make negative comparisons between Mrs. Bush and Teresa Heinz-Kerry. Steve Doocy pointed out that the first rule of politics for political spouses is to do no damage and insinuated that Mrs. Heinz-Kerry does embarrass herself and her husband. Friedman said, however, that a spouse who is always guarded like Mrs. Bush can fail to connect with people or excite them . E.D. Hill noted that Mrs. Heinz-Kerry, when asked about the title "First Lady," said "Ick." Friedman said that Mrs. Bush also "hates being called First Lady" and that he thought they would be friends. Probably not the answer Hill wanted.

Near the end of the interview, co-hosts Mike Jerrick mentioned that the magazine has a compaion piece about Mrs. Heinz-Kerry, but the co-hosts offered no explanation as to why they interviewed only the author of the Bush article. Nevertheless, the co-hosts did their best to draw comparisons by including negative comments about Mrs. Heinz-Kerry in their questions to Friedman.