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Non-News Poll Story

Reported by Judy - September 17, 2004 -

Fox News Live anchor Jon Scott today (Sept. 17) promised a story looking into three polls on the presidential race with different results, but the ultimate story failed to live up on the hype.

The three polls Scott referred to were: The Harris Poll showing Kerry 48, Bush 47; the Pew Research poll, showing Bush 47, Kerry 46, and the Gallup Poll, showing Bush 55, Kerry 42. All were of likely voters and were taken on various days between Sept. 9 and 15, with Gallup being the most recent.

Instead of a professional talking about how pollsters could come up with different results, Scott interviewed Bruce Reed from the Democratic Leadership Council, and Frank Donatelli, a GOP strategist. You can guess how they came down on the polls. Reed: the facts are against Bush, the economy is struggling, health care costs rising, Kerry's like Sea Biscuit in being a strong closer, etc., and Donatelli: Bush polls better on being able to handle the war on terror and on personal qualities, and it's always better to be ahead.

At least Scott did not just interview a Republican, but the story was not really worth a viewer's time -- no explanation of the polls, only partisan spin from both sides. Balanced, but not informative.