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Campaigns & Wars

Reported by Eleanor - September 17, 2004 -

Studio B with Shep Smith (Sept. 17, 3:00 p.m.) covered three political stories: the CBS memo (of course); the campaigns; and Putin's threat of preemptive strikes.

Shep reported a "better idea" about who sent the memos. Major Garrett said that the "potential source" of the memos is Bill Burkett, who refuses to speak to reporters because he doesn't trust the media to discuss Bush's National Guard service. (I wonder why that is.) Garrett reported that Burkett had a long running dispute with Bush when he was governor of Texas about denial of his health care benefits for refusing to alter official personal records of Bush. Garrett added that Burkett posted on democrats.com that he found no documentation that there was ever an attempt to cover up Bush's records. (Why would anyone document that?)

Kerry said that a large call-up of troops is planned after the election, and Congressional leaders are talking about a new call-up of reservists and National Guard after the election. Not true says Bush.

Bush is talking about 8 different positions of Kerry on Iraq, and will run a new ad about "common sense." Kerry said we need to be stronger at home and more reputable in the world. He's talking about Halliburton today, and Cheney's compensation from that company. On the no-bid Halliburton contracts, Molly Henneberg stated that Clinton gave no-bid contracts to Halliburton to rebuild Kosovo. (Again Fox attempts to erase Kerry's political points when reporting on his campaign; while providing no reciprocal political response to the Bush campaign points.)

Russia's new plan for fighting terrorism sounds familiar. No bargaining with terrorists and preemptive strikes. Do whatever to stop them. The terrorists blame the Russian government. Doug Bandow of the Cato Institute talked about Putin's plan to appoint the government and take power away from the people. He called this authoritarian and not communistic. Putin is supportive of Bush because he wants support for the bloody war with Chetznia, which wants autonomy, and is filled with a guerrilla led civil war and Jihadists. Shep said that Putin wants only loyalists in the parliament. Bandow responded that we believe in a democratic government with human liberties. Russia is not a threat short term, but long term not a friend.

Comment: The CBS memo coverage is continuing on the hour - every hour. The campaign coverage is typical: Bush's campaign is covered with no opposing view. The Kerry campaign points are made, with the Bush view added at the end, leaving the viewer with the Bush position, rather than the Kerry position. The story of Russia is Russia's version of its own Homeland Security and Patriot Act in an extreme form.