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60 Minutes II Redux

Reported by Judy - September 17, 2004 -

If you missed the first 60 minutes of Fox and Friends today (Sept. 17), you could get the gist of the material in the first few minutes of the second hour when the co-hosts re-hashed their earlier re-hash of the controversy surrounding CBS' news story on George Bush's National Guard Service.

A new wrinkle cam later in the show when the co-hosts interviewed Rep. Phil Gingrey, R-Ga, about a letter signed by 40 members of Congress demanding CBS retract the story.

Gingrey brought up Dan Rather's coverage of Watergate, saying he was "attacking President Nixon" for Watergate but now was engaging in a cover-up himself. He also criticized CBS for showing photos of the prisoners abused in Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad, saying broadcasting the pictures put lives of American troops in danger (not mentioning that Fox News showed photos of the abuse repeatedly, too.)

In response to a question from co-host Steve Doocy on whether CBS was part of a campaign to defame Bush, Gingrey said, "You got it right. You're fair and balanced" and that he watches Fox News 90 percent of the time. He also predicted that Bush will win re-election by a 58 to 42 percent margin. He didn't say whether Bush would have 42 percent or 58 percent.