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Where Was Rather Last Night?

Reported by Eleanor - September 16, 2004 -

Related to the "War on Rather," I noted a comment to the post, "Who Has the Burden?" that 60 Minutes 2 was not broadcast in her area last night. It was replaced by a local piece. Interestingly enough, it wasn't broadcast in my area either. CBS had a scroll on the screen saying that it would be broadcast at 1:07 a.m. Needless to say, that's past my bedtime. I don't remember that ever happening before. I find it extremely noteworthy that Rather is being seared and roasted on an hourly basis on cable TV, but his only opportunity to present his case is blacked out in certain local areas. It would be interesting to know how many local affiliates decided not to broadcast this particular program. Don't you think? Although, I'm not sure how to determine that. I live in the battleground state of Tennessee - that is leaning toward Bush.