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New Viet Nam Issue

Reported by Eleanor - September 16, 2004 -

Special Report with Brit Hume (Sept. 16, 6:00 p.m.) headlined a new story about John Kerry, with John O'Neill as one of the people to comment on the story.

It seems that Kerry, along with some other people, met with North Vietnamese leaders in Paris in 1971 to find out about American POW's while peace talks were going on. John O'Neill, of the swift boat group, characterized this meeting as "meeting with the enemy in time of war." According to O'Neill, Kerry was an officer in the Navy, and as such, this kind of meeting was never done; adding that Kerry might have violated the code of military justice.

Major Garrett said that two meetings were confirmed, and the Kerry campaign spoke of only one. No Kerry people were interviewed about this story.

Comment: Since this story was a lead-in, I suspect that it will grow over the next few days, especially with John O'Neill as the person asked to comment on it. No matter how well intentioned these meetings might have been, it looks like the republicans have found a way to continue with the war in Viet Nam, rather than focus on its 2004 twin. Oh yes, and of course, it's Kerry's fault since he made Viet Nam the centerpiece of his campaign.