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Iraq and the Two Campaigns

Reported by Eleanor - September 16, 2004 -

At the beginning of Studio B with Shephard Smith (Sept. 16, 3:00 p.m.), Shep mentioned the Intelligence report that was presented to Bush in July that painted a "grim picture" of Iraq. Bret Baier cited the worst case as civil war, and best case as pessimism about the political, economic and security situation in Iraq. The Iraqi people have the ability to defy predictions. Experts predict more terrorist attacks before the elections.

In Las Vegas, where Kerry spoke to the National Guard, Carl Cameron said that Kerry called Bush to task on the issues, accusing Bush of not telling the whole truth, that it's far worse in Iraq than Bush has presented in recent days. Kerry noted that Bush did not take note of the 1,000 deaths in Iraq in his speech to the National Guard. He has not come clean on the situation in Iraq.

Cameron stated that both candidates are avoiding Bush's National Guard service. The campaign negative was that Kerry is in a quandary - dilemma - hard time finding a slogan - a message - he's behind in the polls, but today's Pew poll shows the election back to a dead heat.

Wendall Goler covered Bush in Minnesota talking about health care and national security. Bush painted Kerry as indecisive - taking eight different positions, and telling Don Imus of "no circumstances under which we go to war."

Comment: I found the Cameron report today more positive than usual toward the Kerry side, but the Kerry coverage, as usual, had some Kerry negatives, while the Bush report is just that - how Bush is presenting the issues - minus a critique.