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Hannity Takes Aim At The Democrats

Reported by Deborah - September 16, 2004 -

Michael Rezendez, Boston Globe, joined Hannity&Colmes tonight to talk about the possible link between a former National Guardsman, Bill Burkett, and the memos.Hannity made sure there was also a link made to the Democrats.
9/16/04 9:20 PM

According to the story related on Hannity&Colmes, there was a telephone number on the memos to a Kinkos in Texas and a further link made to Bill Burkett, a former National Guardsman.

Michael Rezendez had several interviews with Burkett who claimed to witness Bush's National Guard documents being destroyed. Rezendez could not verify the story so he didn't publish it.

Hannity then commented that there was a petition connected to Bill Burket on Democrats.com and he asked Rezendez if he knew anything about it. There was no mistaking Hannity's intention in mentioning this point.

Earlier in the show, some mention was made that the person who leaked the memos was a Democrat. Ollie North jumped on this saying,
"There's a whole cabal of willing conspirators."

comment: I've been waiting for Hannity to make this charge. He has been hinting about Democrats being behind the forged memos all week. It makes the perfect story for Hannity and the Republicans, allowing them to take a shot at the "liberal media", Democrats and Kerry at the same time. What a perfect set up to be able to do all that and still redirect attention from Bush's military and Presidential record.
Just a question for our readers. Would a copy from Kinkos have a telephone number on it?