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Daddy, What Did You Do In The War?

Reported by Deborah - September 16, 2004 -

Carl Bernstien seemed to surprise Hannity with his observations about the Killian memos. The interview did nothing to advance Hannity's agenda to discredit CBS and blame the Kerry campaign. 9/15/04 9:20 PM ET

After Hannity repeated his list of reasons to discredit the memos, Carl Bernstien surprised everyone with his response.
"We're looking at a sideshow here. The real issue is the war record of these two candidates."

Hannity seemed upset and quickly tried to silence Bernstien.
"I'm not having you here to talk politics."

Bernstien was not phased by Hannity and continued,
"What ought to be covered. Call it "Daddy what did you do in the war? One guy is a shirker and one went to war."

Hannity did not like this, saying, "I don't have a lot of time." Then he tried to go back to accusations of CBS bias.

Bernstien was all over the bias accusation and went on to criticize the Congressmen calling for investigation of CBS, stating that they should read the first ammendment.

Alan Colmes asked Bernstien how this compared to Watergate. Bernstien said that Watergate was about a criminal president abusing the US Constitution. Then he made a reference to Bush also abusing the constitution.
The audience could here Hannity groan,"Good grief."

Very shortly after that Hannity ended the segment but quickly got the last word.
"If we ever find a democratic operative leaked forged documents...Huge scandal!"