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Campaigns Out of Balance

Reported by Eleanor - September 10, 2004 -

Special Report with Jim Angle sitting in for Brit Hume (Sept. 10, 6:00 p.m.) covered both campaigns at the beginning of the hour.

Wendall Goler presented the Bush campaign following the headline that the campaign "unleashed a blistering attack on Kerry." Bush stated that Kerry takes more positions on Iraq than all his Senate colleagues combined. Sadam would still be in power if he had his way. Bush was introduced by Zell Miller, who is riding on the presidential bus. Miller said "the democrats don't have the will to win the War on Terror."

Bush said that Kerry decided the war in Iraq is costing too much money. Earlier he said it's not enough. The republicans are running a new ad showing Kerry for and against the increase in Medicare premiums. Tomorrow the anniversary of 9/11 is a reminder of the driving force behind the Bush presidency. He will have a live radio address. (And play it for all it's worth.)

The Kerry campaign is taking aim at Cheney with his comment about the wrong choice on November 2 bringing on another terror attack. Kerry blasted Bush for trying to scare Americans into the voting booth.

Fox countered Kerry's comment with an explanation of what Cheney also said, that Kerry will weaken the law enforcement issue with something other than a full blown war. Cheney said he didn't back away from the statement, and he didn't say we would be hit, but Bush would have a more effective policy. If Kerry wins, we will have a weaker footing in the War on Terror.

The final statement from the Kerry campaign was that it will be a sad day for democracy when the president uses fear to stay in office.

Comment: As usual, the campaign coverage is unbalanced in favor of Bush.