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Special Advertising for Fox at RNC?

Reported by Melanie - August 30, 2004 -

I noticed something this afternoon during Your World w/Neil Cavuto that I think I've just confirmed. Check it out for yourself.

When you watch Fox at the RNC, and they're interviewing a guest from their booth atop the Madison Square Garden arena, notice the three neon Fox signs over the shoulder of the guest, across the way on the opposite wall of the Garden. (It's most obvious in straight-on shots; not so much from the side.) There's a square, lefthand sign reading "Fox News," a middle, more horizontal sign says "America's Newsroom" and then there's another square, "Fox News" sign to the right.

Notice that CNN seems to have a "shade" or darkened area along the top of it's screen when shots are taken of guests in its booth, whose backs face toward the Garden's seating area, as if CNN is blocking out the neon signs of other news organizations across the way. Maybe Fox's?

My point is that I think Fox could be getting extra wall space to advertise itself, courtesy of the RNC. I don't see any other news outlet who has a sign across the Garden from its booth.

Watch and let me know what you think.