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Where's Wolfman Jack When You Need Him?

Reported by Marie Therese - August 17, 2004 -

Judy, you're right about the sorry state of protest music! As a music teacher, I can tell you that the artists are creating the songs but the maintream media has been monopolized by the three monkeys, Deaf, Dumb and Blind!

Except for listener-sponsored outlets (WBAI, KPFA, etc.) and smaller, local homegrown stations (few and far between), you DON'T hear antiwar protest songs over the AM/FM airwaves these days.

This goes back to the fact that the majority of radio stations are owned by Clear Channel Communications and Sinclair Broadcasting, both rabid Bush partisans, who absolutely REFUSE to play antiwar songs. We've gone right back to the 50s.

Where's Wolfman Jack when you need him?

Well, his spirit of rebellion is alive and well and living on the internet!

Check out this site: Antiwar Songs: 564+ New and Classic Peace Songs.

Their mission statement:

To legally overcome bias in the music industry against the publication and promotion of anti-war songs, and to assist artists in allowing their anti-war messages to be heard. To encourage the generation of more high quality anti-war works of art. To help artists who wish to distribute their anti-war songs free via the Internet to make their work availble to as many listeners and readers of lyrics as possible by encouraging webminders to use their excess bandwidth by serving such songs. To provide a place for folks to find good legal downloadable songs after the music industry threatens lawsuits against illegal music file sharing.

Support Underground and Alternative Music!

The best revenge against censorship is an audience!

Peace & love, man!

Added at 3:22 PM 8/17/04: Thanks to Dee, one of our commenters, here's the official Wolfman Jack website Wolfman Jack.