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What Fox ISN'T Telling You

Reported by Nancy - August 17, 2004 -

There are so many stories I haven't seen mentioned while watching FNL today (8/17) that I decided to check Fox's website to see if those stories were being covered there.

Here's what I found when I went to their website a little earlier today:

There isn't a health-, technology- or science-related story to be seen. In 6+ months of watching FNL, I saw only one such story.

Internationally, they're still covering Chavez's overwhelming victory in the referendum from the point of view of the US-funded Venezuelan opposition, who are "demanding a recount". Needless to say, Fox's 2 website stories didn't mention that international monitors, including Jimmy Carter, have already certified the vote. The most recent story about Darfur is dated 8/10/04.

Other international stories from their home page include arrests of terror suspects in the UK, Saudis buying ads to promote how well they're doing in the War on Terror, 2 stories about the Olympics (both with US emphasis, of course) & some stories re Iraq. The rest of the world (floods in Bangladesh, massacre in Rwanda, trials in Haiti) simply doesn't exist, as far as Fox is concerned.

Domestically, they're ignoring a recent report showing that students in charter schools don't do as well as students in regular public schools (which undermines the phony baloney of No Child Left Behind); Senator Harkin's criticism of VP Cheney (Iowa hasn't been mentioned since the Bush/Cheney campaign left the state); what the 9/11 families are saying about intel reform (altho there is, predictably, an article about what Rummy thinks about intel reform).

But you *could* read stories about Scott Peterson & Amber Frey; Jacko in court (does Fox ever assign demeaning nicknames to right-wing icons? have they ever called Arnie "the Governator"?); Oprah Winfrey on jury duty; Ving Rhames' latest movie; Diane Lane & James Brolin getting married ... in other words, all the usual fluff that masquerades as news for the great unwashed.