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My General Trumps Your Colonel

Reported by Marie Therese - August 17, 2004 -

Big Story with John Gibson. August 16, 2004. 5:13 PM to 5:17 PM EDT.

Guests: Lt. Gen. Daniel Christman, US Army-Ret., military advisor to John Kerry and Lt. Col. Joe Repya, US Army-Ret., Veterans for Bush

The topic of the day was, of course, Bush's proposed redeployment of troops from Europe and South Korea.

While the arguments offered up by both military men were a rehash of what we've all heard for the past two days, an interesting dynamic transpired.

In the military, the General outranks the Colonel.

The General definitely got more air time than the Colonel. In fact Colonel Repya seemed to defer to the General. Good military training may have taken over.

Even host John Gibson was aware of it.

He ended the segment by saying: "Colonel, we'll get [to] you another day. Thanks."

For once, the Democrats had a spokesman (Lt. General Christman) who aced out the Republican (Lt. Colonel Repya).