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Compare & Contrast

Reported by Nancy - August 17, 2004 -

In addition to the posts made by other Newshounds about tonight's (8/17) "Special Report with Brit Hume", I'd like to make a couple of observations.

First, they're still flogging Zarqawi as the big bad arch-terrorist (I've noted that they do this whenever there seems to be nothing to say about bin Laden). And every time they do, I'm reminded of the excellent profile the LATimes recently ran on Zarqawi, which started off with ...

To his neighbors and friends, he is still Ahmed, a man they struggle to reconcile with the American description. They say Zarqawi may be a troublemaker, a terrorist leader more militant than Osama bin Laden. But even his mother, before she died of cancer here a few months ago, told a visitor that her son was not smart enough to be a logistical and ideological linchpin.

And the source that Hume cited for today's report about Zarqawi is none other than Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), one of Fox's favorite sources. MEMRI's website won't tell you much about that organization, but this article in the Guardian will.

Second, why is Mort Kondracke still going on about Whoopi Goldberg? We already know that GOPs in general have no sense of humor, & every time Kondracke & his fellow travellers in the Gang of Four brings it up it just reinforces that.

Finally, if you had watched other news programs during the same hour, you could have learned about, for example:
*proton beam therapy for cancer (ABC)
*Rumsfeld's views on Iraq, North Korea, troop redeployment & other issues (interviewed by Jim Lehrer, PBS)
*how much influence do think tanks have on government policy? (a series on "Thought Leaders" by Lou Dobbs, CNN)