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Friends Being Evenhanded

Reported by Eleanor - August 7, 2004 -

The first few minutes of Fox & Friends Week-End (Aug. 7, 7:00 - 8:00 a.m.) was spent justifying the orange alert. Getting the terrorist names out there so they know they're being watched was one of the justifications.

Items on the terror news:
- Sadam is gardening. "He destroyed 1000's of palm trees, and now he waters one daily."
- A Pakistani spokesman said the flurry of activity in the terror alert was political.
- New - then old - intelligence confuses people.
- Allawi conferred amnesty for minor crimes.
- Allawi is kicking al Jazeera out of Iraq for 30 days.
- Allawi is seen as having as heavy a hand as Sadam.
- Juliet asked, "Do we need to worry about him gassing anybody?" (Do we?)

Items on the economic news:
- Look at job creation and the unemployment rate. 32,000 new jobs is awful, but the unemployment rate dropped by 1/10%.
- Inflation rate is higher than growth in wages.
- There is a disconnect between economic growth and employment. "We don't need as many people."
- We train a lot of foreign students who go back home.
- Microsoft gave 32 billion to stockholders because of the low tax rate.
- Kerry has a plan to create technology jobs.
- Bush doubled education in the last four years. (Not sure what this means.)
- The new jobs number of 32,000 "smells." (Nothing here about the 600,000 jobs in the Household measure.)
- Reasons: 1) We can't stop outsourcing - overseas labor is cheaper. 2) American workers are very efficient. 3) One million jobs lost under Bush - if no tax cuts, it would have been worse.
- Solution: "Get rid of voice mail and hire an operator." (Mike Jerrick - kidding, I think.)
- Observation: Customer service is all over the world, and the economy is "soft."
- Conclusion: Swing votes decide elections. The market must go up before the election. It would take a miracle to turn it around. If it gets worse, he's gone. (Bush, I assume?)

Items on the campaign and political news:
- War on Terror is a major issue.
- Kerry accuses Bush of misleading America into war.
- Kerry says he can do a better job on national security with a U.S. standard of going to war only because we have to.
- Bush says Iraq had WMD "capability" that it could have passed on to the terrorists. "We did it the right way."
- The new Fox poll shows: Kerry - 48% Bush 45% and Nader 3%.
- Henry Waxman says the justice department is handling the Berger case and the Plame case differently in regard to open discussion by the feds. (See Waxman's Letter to Ashcroft for further details on this story.)

Mike Jerrick spent a lot of time with an Etch-a-Sketch drawing a picture of Juliet Huddy.

Comment: Our friends did not try very hard to "spin" the news this morning, except for the terror alert explanation. Also, they did NOT show or talk about the Swift Boat ad.

Yesterday, I thought I was going to see that ad as many times as I saw the Dean scream. The multiple stories about the lies in the ad were always accompanied by a showing of the ad, at least in part. Nationwide cable has a much bigger audience for the ad than those few states where the producers are showing it, AND paying for it. No matter how much the pundits trash the ad when the media shows it, this is free air time every time they show it, even if they are condemning it. People remember the pictures and the words in the ad, while they might not remember the critique. If the media were being honest, it would talk about the ad, and not show it. I'm looking for the ad today. What a scam!