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It's All in How You Ask the Question

Reported by Judy - August 4, 2004 -

Missouri voters approved a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage yesterday and Fox News Live today (August 4) featured a segment exploring its political impact. The way Steve Brown asked the question showed the intent of the segment.

Brown (9:35 a.m. EDT) said it may be that George Bush "will be helped" by the Missouri vote. He then mentioned possible gay marriage votes in 10 other states and asked, "How does this help the president's re-election?" The obvious answer is that the Bushies hope the votes will bring more conservative voters to the polls, who will "be a key advantage" for Bush, according to Brown.

Throughout the segment, the emphasis was on how the vote and future ones on gay marriage will affect Bush. Not how will these ballot issues affect the election or the campaign between George Bush and John Kerry. Just, how will it affect George Bush.

Framing the question so that it focuses on George Bush is a common tactic on Fox News. It as much as says that the only thing that matters is the re-election of George Bush.