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Should Celebrities Stay Out of Politics

Reported by Eleanor - July 24, 2004 -

John Kasich on Heartland (July 24, 8:50 p.m.) asked Jerry Brown, former governor of California, if celebrities should stay out of politics, but he mentioned only democrats.

Kasich cited the examples of Michael Moore with his film Fahrenheit 9/11; Whoopi Goldberg and her Bush insult; Ozzy Osbourne's Hitler comment; and Linda Ronstadt "attacking George Bush." (Didn't she dedicate a song to Michael Moore?) Brown stated that these people are expressing their opinion. "Tens of thousands like it. A sign of free speech in this country is robust debate. Some people are wild for the film and some are wild the other way. Feeling is running high. It's a close election."

Comment: How about republican celebrities? Should they stay out of politics too?