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More Outfoxed Effects?

Reported by Ellen - July 24, 2004 -

As noted in Chrish's post The Outfoxed Effect, the movie seems to be having an effect. In the past week I have noticed a few changes for the better on Fox News Live With Alan Colmes.

There have been at least two liberals and one non-Bush supporter (John Dean) who have spent an entire hour discussing issues with Alan. Previously, I only heard conservatives and Bush supporters on the program alone. Liberals (except for poor Ted Rall who had Alan Colmes attacking him all night) were always on with an opposing view. This is a refreshing change.

Tonight, Alan even seemed to acknowledge that Fox News may not be quite the paragon of journalism it purports to be. Two comments he made to callers:

1. With regard to caller saying he heard on TV (could it have been on Fox?) that Sandy Berger stuffed material into his socks. Colmes said, sarcastically, "Everything you hear on TV is true."

2. With regard to another caller asking how to deal with the untruths reported in the media, Colmes said, "Go to more than one source. Go on the internet."

Keep up the good work, News Hounds around the world. It looks like we're making a difference!