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Monica Crowley's Wasted Effort

Reported by Deborah - July 24, 2004 -

The former Mayor of Boston,Ray Flynn, appeared on Hannity&Colmes,7/23/04 and the teases leading up to his segment at 9:22PM, led viewers to believe he was planning to attack the Democratic Party. Well, much to Monica Crowley's disappointment, this did not happen but Crowley did her best to steer Flynn in the right direction.

Ray Flynn was one of the most neutral guests, I've seen on Fox. He was clear from the start of the segment that he believed that both parties have disenfranchised many voters, who have chosen to withdraw from the political arena, by choosing not to vote. Flynn said his goal was to engage these people in the process so they could make their own decisions about voting.

Monica Crowley started her fruitless attempt with, "Do you think the Democratic Party has been hijacked by liberals? Flynn did not take the bait and repeated his message.

Then getting bolder and more direct she asked Flynn if there would be a wave of socially conservative Democrats voting for Bush. Flynn dashed all hope by saying ,"I don't believe that Bush has reached out to these people."

comment: It's hard to imagine that Fox did not know Flynn's position before inviting him on. Yet, they chose to mislead viewers with the teases. A fair and balanced network would have framed Mayor Flynn as someone who is unhappy with both parties.