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African American For Bush

Reported by Deborah - July 24, 2004 -

Lynn Swan, former NFL player,now heads the organization. African Americans For Bush. Swan joined Alan Colmes and Monica Crowley tonight to campaign for Bush. There was no representative for the opposing side of this issue unless you count Alan Colmes who asked one very weak question. 7/23/04 9:12 PM

There was a clip of Bush making a speech to African Americans on the campaign trail. Bush claimed that Democrats take advantage of the African American vote and asked, 'What have they done to deserve your vote?"

Lynn Swan went on to rave about all the great things Bush has done for the African American community mentioning all the high level positions held in his administration and the increased loans for minority businesses. Then he explained that 90% of the African American voters do so out of habit and because they are lead and herded like cattle. Crowley's wide smile and supportive agreements kept Swan fueled up.

Colmes asked a very weak question about the unemployment rates which Swan easily refuted and that was it. Swan explained that people have gotten " bad information" and this must change.

This segment could not have been more unfair and unbalanced. There was no debate of Swan's points, which as a representative of African Americans for Bush, he is free to express. But where were the African American's for Kerry and what about a piece of Kerry's speech to the NAACP? All the viewer's got was a Bush positive and a Kerry negative.

Comment: Since the flap over Bush's refusal to go to the NAACP, there have been a series of attacks against this organization on Fox and especially on Hannity&Colmes.
The leaders are Bush hating and angry representatives of the Democratic Party is the talking point that keeps coming up. I have yet to see on Fox an actual debate on the issues that draw Black voters to the Democrats. In truth, how could they do it without making their party look horrible. The list of insults, against this community by the Bush, administration is a long one. Since Colmes couldn't find a decent question for Swan, I'll give it a try.

What has President Bush done during his administration to alienate the African American citizens of this country? If Swan couldn't answer, I'd give him a short list,

Negative stance on Affirmative Action.

Ignoring the massive voter purge in Florida involving mostly african americans

The underfunded "Leave No Child Behind" Act that has cripple all public schools financially and educationally. The most damage is in the inner city schools educating minorities

The insulting but fortunatly short lived program to push marriage to single mothers to decrease dependence on welfare. Besides being ridiculous, it was aimed at the minorities and it was not appreciated.

The cutting of many programs that are essential especially after school programs.

That is just the tip of the iceberg, so I do not blame Fox for not having the opposing
side on, since the Republican/Fox side would be stomped. I do, however, blame Fox for calling themselves Fair & Balanced.