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Nader's Their Favorite

Reported by Judy - July 8, 2004 -

Fox News rarely takes a liking to anyone to the left of Attila the Hun, but they sure have a fondness for independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader. Judging from his appearance today (July 8) on Fox and Friends, Fox no doubt hopes he will draw enough votes from the Democratic ticket again to keep Kerry out of the White House.

Nader was on for ten minutes (8:15 a.m. EDT-8:25 a.m. EDT, minus a commercial break) delivering his anti-corporate message with virtually no challenges or interruptions by his Fox co-hosts. Meanwhile, the graphic below the video of Nader read, "The Spoiler?"

Fox probably thought it was worth giving Nader a few minutes for a left-wing message because he began the interview complaining about efforts by Democrats to keep him off the ballot in the November election. Nader compared the effort to Watergate, although he never mentioned any illegal activity and only said lawyers for the Democratic party are trying to block his access to the ballot.

Steve Doocy gleefully asked Nader about these "Watergate style 'dirty tricks.'" Only on Fox is Democratic use of the court system considered a "dirty trick." Kind of like that Supreme Court thing four years ago, isn't it?