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He May Be Liberal, But He's Geared for Conservatives

Reported by Ellen - July 8, 2004 -

Alan Colmes may be a liberal but the guest list for his 7/7/04 Fox News radio program couldn't possibly appeal to anyone the least bit progressive.

First up: Neil Horsley, founder of the Creator's Rights party. He advocates that states secede from the United States because it forces citizens to accept legalized abortion. If secession can't be done peacefully then all means necessary, including nuclear war, should be used to accomplish that goal. Check out his website Christiangallery.com especially Updated! "WHY I SHOT AN ABORTIONIST," by Paul Hill to get a good idea of the man's caliber. Alan Colmes' listening audience was treated to more than a half-hour of this man's deepest thoughts and philosophy.

Next guest: Bill Crocker, Committeeman-elect of the Republican Party of Texas whose platform declares that the US is a Christian Nation (not endorsed by the national Republican Party). Alan Colmes hosted a discussion about this yawner of a topic for a full hour (11 pm - midnight ET).

While Alan was vociferous about his opposition to his guests' beliefs, I sat through the entire two hours reading my email and wondering, what kind of audience is interested in this kind of a discussion? Not this liberal nor, I suspect, many others.