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Hannity's Pep Rally

Reported by Deborah - July 8, 2004 -

7/8/04 9PM ET
Hannity & Colmes opened the show tonight from the stage of the Freedom Concert at 6 Flags Ammusement Park in New Jersey. Hannity surrounded by his Country Western idols, rhapsodized about the generosity of the Republican crowd of 12,000, who raised 2 million dollars for families of our armed forces.
"Not a liberal to be found. Eat your heart out Colmes."

Hannity continued to send the message that only Republicans love America and care about the troops.
"Here's a poll for you.How many people here are voting for Kerry?" The crowd booed loudly. "How many are voting for President Bush?" Thunderous cheers and applause erupted.

This Republican Pep Rally returned at 9:42 PM for the remaining 18 minutes of the show. Once again, Fox living up to their Fair & Balanced credo.