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Hannity Trys Out New Edwards Material

Reported by Deborah - July 6, 2004 -

Hannity, not strong on issues or facts, relies heavily on performance. Whenever a new adversary emerges, Hannity comes up with certain lines and bits that he pulls out night after night.Fox researchers were busy today, so Hannity could try out his brand new Edwards material. (7/7/04 9PM ET)

At 9:03, Hannity premiered his first routine showing a clip of Kerry criticizing Edwards for his lack of experience, during the primary campaign. This served a dual purpose for Hannity, since not only can he insist that Kerry believes his VP has no experience, but he can also apply the, tried and true, "flip flop" principle.In the following 55 minutes, Hannity used the bit 4 times with different guests.

Now to illustrate this foreign policy inexperience, Hannity came up with this obscure fact, that is difficult to check. "In 1998, Edwards didn't know who Rabin was."He used that trivia 3 more times, tonight but especially eloquently at 9:17 PM
"We're in the middle of World War III and Edwards did not know who Rabin was in 1998!"

The following soliloquoy,9:17 PM, will surely be an old favorite before long.This one's about Kerry.
" He said life begins at conception. Actually shot a gun. Can he pull it off as the number one liberal, trying to be conservative. Is that a major manipulation."

Then finally to close the show, Hannity did a Letterman shtick with the top five reasons that Edwards is the wrong choice for Kerry. Of course , he promised Colmes a chance to do his top 5 tomorrow.

Rather a poor sampling of new stuff, but, hey, it's only the first night. Ready for battle, Hannity pulled out every battle worn cliche, he ever uttered, to hammer Edwards and Kerry tonight. Except for 5 minute with Geraldine Ferraro and a few responses from Steve Murphy, the entire show was devoted to the annihalation of John Edwards. It's going to be a long campaign.