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G. I. Joe & Barbie: The Perfect FOX Couple

Reported by Marie Therese - July 6, 2004 -

Big Story with John Gibson. July 5, 2004. 5:30 to 5:33 PM EDT. David Asman, host.

During an interview with Steve Brown, a representative of the Metrodome in Minneapolis, the two men discussed and denigrated antiwar activitists' protests over distribution of 5,000 4-inch G.I. Joe dolls to kids attending baseball games on "Armed Forces Appreciation Night".

ASMAN: (chants) G. I. Joe. (deep grunting sound) Gee, I'd like to hear the chants that the pro-G.I. Joes have. Tell us about that when you come back, Steve.

And later as he segued into the news segment with Page Hopkins:

ASMAN: Did ya' have a G. I. Joe doll, Page?
HOPKINS: No. I had a Barbie. (Laughs)
ASMAN: Oh, you had Barb. Well, that makes sense!


G. I. Joe and Barbie.

What better mascots for Fox News Channel?

A tall, anatomically incorrect blonde and a 4-inch soldier suffering from "measurement anxiety"?