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Fox Takes on Edwards

Reported by Eleanor - July 6, 2004 -

Within fifteen minutes after Fox had the news of John Edwards as Kerry's choice for a running mate (July 6, 8:10 a.m ET), Fred Barnes and Mike Emanuel provided a long list of republican reasons that John Edwards is a bad choice. Not one comment is made about Edwards many good points, except that he's a "little guy" son of a millworker, the first in his family to go to college.

Just in case the viewers felt any fear that Edwards might be a good choice, Fox said: Edwards won't bring anything with him; anyone has more charisma than John Kerry; Kerry couldn't get McCain, so he wound up with Edwards as his second choice; Kerry and Edwards are politically compatible, since they both voted for the Iraq War and the Patriot Act; most Americans don't buy into Edwards' "Two Americas;" Edwards appeals to democrats but not independents; he's a trial lawyer and a first term senator and not ready for the presidency; Kerry switched from McCain to Edwards, showing him as a flip flopper.

Comment: The script for this detailed put down must have been prepared in advance - just in case. If anyone had any doubts that Fox is a mouthpiece for the republicans, this "fair and balanced" piece should have put that to rest.