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Is Fox Cherrypicking Poll Reports?

Reported by Ellen - June 29, 2004 -

Fox News has not one but two stories on its "You Decide 2004" page of its website touting that Bush and Kerry are in a dead heat. Battleground Poll: Bush, Kerry Running Even, and Poll Finds Tight Bush-Kerry Florida Matchup.

But nowhere is it reported (at least that I can find) that today's NY Times/CBS News poll has Bush's approval ratings at its lowest point (42%) of his presidency or that 45 percent said they had an unfavorable opinion of Mr. Bush himself, or that 57 percent say the country is going in the wrong direction, "another measure used by pollsters as a barometer of discontent with an incumbent." (www.nytimes.com, free with registration)

This News Hound finds this a very odd situation and promises to do a bit of investigation. I intend to write to Fox News and ask them for an explanation. Stay tuned for the results.