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Heading Off Critical Thinking At the Pass

Reported by Eleanor - June 24, 2004 -

On June 24, at 12:18 pm ET, Fox News had a breaking news story that George Bush has met with the U.S. attorney who is looking into the Valerie Plame case. Bush has also officially retained a personal lawyer, Jim Sharp. Molly Hanneberg was very careful to say that this lawyer was hired by Bush, "just to be wise, as he said he might do."

To ensure that the audience didn't miss the point, Bob Sellers followed with, "Molly, this comes as no surprise?" Molly responded that this is not new news, because Bush had indicated earlier that he would hire a lawyer in this case.

Comment: It would be awful if people were to read the wrong thing into Bush's discussion with the U.S. Attorney, and the retention of a personal lawyer. So Fox dutifully sets us all straight before we start thinking this is important. After all, Fox does the thinking for us, so we don't have to.