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Stealing What Spotlight?

Reported by Eleanor - June 21, 2004 -

Again on Fox News (June 21, 9:50 am ET), Jon Scott discussed the Clinton book, "My Life," with a guest. This time the guest was Michael Waldman, a former Clinton speechwriter. The worn-out Fox topic is whether Clinton's book is "stealing the spotlight from the Kerry campaign."

On Fox News w/David Asman at 12:41, it became clearer that Fox is practicing damage control, fearing that the Clinton book will help Kerry and hurt Bush. The purpose is to plant the idea in viewers' minds that the book will hurt Kerry. (Another example of "looking through a glass darkly" when watching Fox.)

During this segment, Fox goes after Clinton with all guns blazing with: The Clinton book will discourage voters from putting another democrat in the White House; help them remember the democrats' failures; he overlooks his infidelities and impeachment; he detracts from Kerry's campaign; the Monica affair was for the worst possible reason - because he could - this ranks with "I didn't inhale;" Ken Starr drove him to it; Kerry can't be pleased with this.

Oh yes, and one comment "to be fair and balanced on the other side," this book bashes Bush and might help Kerry during the book tour. Followed by, "Bush restored integrity and honor to the White House." (Whew!! I think they got it all in!)

Comment: What "spotlight" is Fox talking about? I have never seen a Kerry ad on Fox. His campaign is covered sporatically by a Fox reporter, Carl Cameron, who uses the time to provide a sketchy summary of Kerry's latest campaign proposal, invariably followed by a very specific republican response that trashes the proposal. Kerry's campaign is totally missing from Fox, while the Clinton book is covered about ten minutes , or more, of every hour, reminding people that it will hurt the Kerry campaign, when Fox is really using the coverage of the Clinton book to head off the possibility that it might help the Kerry campaign. It's another excuse to "suck the oxygen" out of a campaign that they don't cover anyway.

If it weren't for the Clinton book, something else that Fox chooses to cover would certainly take priority over the Kerry campaign, like showing Bush waving as he walks toward Air Force I; or showing a wall for ten minutes while waiting for Bush to speak; or running Bush campaign ads; or talking to anyone who will support the Fox notion that 9/11, Al Queda, and Iraq are connected. The Kerry campaign is much less important than any of this stuff. Actually, the Kerry campaign is "missing in action" on Fox, even if there were nothing else in the "news" to discuss.