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The US, The Iranians and Nuclear Bombs

Reported by Melanie - June 18, 2004 -

Fox did it's part today to help lay the groundwork for a future attack on Iran. Before a segment showing alleged "before and after" pictures of two alleged Iranian nuclear sites (which, as usual, look like nothing more than "before and after" arial photos of land and nondescript buildings), Linda Vester said: "Satellite pictures show Iran may be lying" about it's "nuclear program, and making menacing moves."

COMMENT: An article appears today on Antiwar.com posted by Justin Raimondo, entitled Behind the Headlines. Raimondo writes:

If the Iranians really were developing nuclear weapons, while claiming to be interested in generating nuclear power for peaceful purposes, it would come as a shock to exactly no one. After all, if the chief executive of the mightiest nation on earth had dubbed your country a card-carrying member of the "axis of evil," wouldn't you suspect that maybe he has it in for you? The Iranians, who appear to have had some hand in lying us into war with Iraq, have no intention of winding up like their erstwhile enemies.

I suggest we stop and consider our part in this brewing catastrophe and put effort into changing the direction of this senario before it's too late.