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Hannity and Colmes Deliver a One, Two Punch to KO the Truth

Reported by Ellen - June 18, 2004 -

Maybe Hannity and Colmes didn't deliberately team up to prevent Harvard Law professor James Cavalarro from discussing his letter, signed by 400 other legal experts, requesting a thorough investigation into the Iraqi prison abuses, but it sure seemed that way.

As reported by Newshound Deborah, in Impeachment?, Colmes set up Mr. Cavalarro for Hannity's attack by jumping on the possible impeachment aspect of Mr. Cavalarro's request and ignoring the essence of his position. Sean Vanity then pounced on Mr. Cavalarro's group for presenting their request to "liberal extremist" Ted Kennedy and on Mr. Cavalarro, personally, for admiring FDR instead of calling for his impeachment over the Japanese internments.

Hammering the same criticism of FDR over and over and dismissing Mr. Cavalarro as merely another example of liberal partisan politics was a convenient diversion that allowed Mr. Hannity to duck the serious questions about Bush raised by a highly credible group of people.

Mr. Cavalarro did an admirable job of remaining uncowed by Mr. Hannity's bullying but when he finally seized an opportunity to speak to the substance of his issues, Alan Colmes stepped in and delivered the final blow by calling out, "Ten Seconds," and cut him off.

A fair and balanced airing of the issues? Is this really the kind of reporting that allows the viewer to decide? Can truth emerge from this kind of "discussion?" I don't think so.