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Gnawing Away at the (Liberal) Press

Reported by Melanie - June 18, 2004 -

Tonight (6.18.04), on Your World, Neil Cavuto made two snide remarks about the press. (Evidently Fox doesn't consider itself part of "the press.") The first remark was in a discussion with Chuck Nash (Cpt. US Navy Ret.), about security in Saudi Arabia. At one point Cavuto inserted this, about Iraq, into a sentence: "...'cause contrary to what the press says, there is a lot good going on there."

In the second half of the show, Cavuto was in a roundtable discussion with four financial analyst-types. They were talking about the impact the murder of Paul Johnson, Jr., in Saudi Arabia, would have on oil prices. Cavuto slipped this in at the beginning of a question: "I'm not that worried about Iraq...I might be in the minority...when you listen to the press today...."

COMMENT: Cavuto isn't "worried about Iraq," because Fox asserts that things are going really quite well in Iraq, it's just that "the press" doesn't report it. This little "thread" is part of the whole tapestry they weave which supports all-things-Bush and all-things-Republican. If you watch often enough, it starts taking you over.