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More on the 27 Diplomats who Warned the Country

Reported by Melanie - June 16, 2004 -

Immediately after an interview (see post) with Donald Eason, Fmr. Ambassador to Nigeria, one of 27 signatories to a letter (released today), highly critical of the Bush administration's handling of foreign policy, Linda Vester says: "Because we are the fair and balance network..." Vester then introduces George Allen (R-VA).

Mr. Allen further justifies the Bush administration's actions and impinges the writers of the letter, even though Vester had already served as the administration's advocate during the previous interview with Eason.

NOTE: Whenever anyone on Fox brings up anything having to do with "fair and balanced," you know to pay attention. Either it's going to be "unfair and unbalanced" or "more balanced toward the right than the left" or "interrupted more often when the left speaks" or "here's the person from the left - he's on but we don't really mean it."

Again, listen up when anyone on Fox says "fair and balanced." Something's up when they do.